Hi, I'm new to this chat thing but really could do with hearing from someone that maybe could tell me what is wrong with me? I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 18months ago an put on Levothyroxine, my doctor kept raising my meds till I was on 125mcg but I was suffering terrible anxiety an panic attacks and swore it was caused by the pills so I stopped taking them. After being told by the doctor it was dangerous if I didn't Hav any meds I agreed to take 50mcg which I did so an am suffering with tremors especially during the night but internal shaking and if I put my hand out it looks still?? Also still have anxiety but not as bad an sometimes a feeling that sometimes I can't yawn (like can't get a deep breath) the doctor keeps telling me he hasnt got a clue and said my blood levels were normal what it is but says it's not my thyroid but to double my dose to 100mcg just incase (makes me feel great when my doctor doesn't even know what's going on) I decided to go up gradually so have been taking 75mcg for a few weeks now but the trembles at night seem to be getting worse, does any1 think I maybe need to lower it to 25mcg? Does any1 else get tremors, heart palps, trouble getting a deep breath etc, does any1 Hav any help they could give me I would be really grateful or can any1 directly contact me saharanails@hotmail.co.uk my life seems such a struggle like this