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Thread: 4 years of unsorted hypothyroidism

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    4 years of unsorted hypothyroidism

    Hi, I would appreciate any advice, please. I am 39 and was diagnosed 4 years ago with an underactive thyroid, but I am still suffering.

    I have remained with the same doctor throughout, and during this time my dosage has increased from 100 to 150 of levothyroxine. However, I have returned to the doctor this week, saying that I am still feeling extremely tired, and this is getting me down.

    On the previous 2 occasions, I was told that my levels were "normal" by the receptionist and thought "okay - it's obviously just me". However, when I pushed, I was told that they were at the bottom end of normal and that my doctor would now look at increasing the levels. Why didnt he say that before??

    Over the last few months I have managed to lose over a stone in weight and currently am 11 and a half stone. My doctor didnt even say well done when he weighed me this week. But then he asked how much exercise I do. I said, I walk and lead a busy life and occasionally swim when I have the time - I have 2 school age children as well. Then he started quoting the World Health guidance on how much high impact exercise I need to do. I told him it is very hard to do this when I am feeling so tired! I do lead a very busy life and this is getting me down. He then said that he feels I am depressed - I said I am only depressed because I am always feeling so tired!!

    My blood results previously are as follows:-

    on 7.4.09 my Serum TSH was 6.51 (range 0.35-4.50) and my FT4 was 15.4 (range 11-24)
    on 14.7.10 my Serum TSH was 10.0 (range 0.35-4.50) and my FT4 was 15.8 (range 11-24) - following this after I pushed him, my doctor increased my levothyroxine from 125 to 150.

    These were my last 2 test results, with me originally being diagnosed in July 06. I had another blood test today, and I am waiting for these results.

    My other blood results are normal, ie kidneys etc. I did mention about getting my t3 checked and doctor said it is not something that the hospital will do! Can anyone tell me if I can "demand" to see a specialist, if need be I will pay? I think I will also ask to see another doctor. Any advice on what my rights are would be appreciated.

    I feel determined to move forward with this, as I am fed up with not being able to enjoy life, and up till now, I have thought that my doctor knows best, but now I am not so sure.

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    I feel for you. I have only been on this "journey" for just over a year. I am only on 75 mcg. of Levothyroxin, having started on 25, then 50 and now 75. In between adjustments in dosage I would initially feel better and then slowly fade away in an always tired discouraged mess. I am seeing a specialist, here in Kentucky, and have high hopes in a lasting solution.

    I hope you are to find a specialist who will work with you to find the best course of treatment for you.


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    with a tsh of 10 you are way hypo.

    it sounds like you either have a problem converting the t4 into the hormone the body uses- T3. Or the T3 isnt being absorbed by the body. it would be good to get a FT3 test, but it is difficult on the nhs to get this.

    Sheila over at "thyroid patient advocacy" is very good with giving out information and can tell you how to get the best treatment from the doctors.

    you need to look into some other stuff regarding your thyroid health. The following minerals/vits/hormones also help the T3 get absorbed by the body. Very often in hypo sufferers they are low and this is why we suffer:

    iron (very common for women, need to look at the feritin level which is the amount of stored iron)
    cortisol (produced by the adrenals and will be low usually as they take over some of the work the thyroid does if it is not doing its job properly)
    selenium, magnesium, vit c,



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