I have suspected that i have an underactive thyroid problem ever since my Daughter was born 4 years ago as my 'hormones' never seemed to settle down after i had her but blood tests kept coming back within normal range.
I had another baby 15 months ago and since them i have felt worse so as my Doctor has been unable to help me (he thinks i have depression which i know i dont) i decided to look into supplements to help regulate my hormones.
I have been taking 500mg of acai, 1000mg evening primrose oil and starflower oil, 400mg agnus castus and busy b with vit c 500mg timed release for the last 11 months. I have noticed a difference with them regarding regulating my periods and helping with pms but unfortunatly the aches and pains, fatigue, feeling cold and weight gain are still a huge problem.
I changed Doctors and asked for a thyroid test which came back as tsh 5.9 only just under their normal range, i was told i had borderline hypothyroidism but she asked me to come off the supplements as they could be masking my true thyroid reading which may be why i have so many symtoms but the reading is not high enough for treatment. I am hoping this is true.
Anyway, she wanted me to wait 2-3 months until i can have another blood test so that the supplements would have been cleared from my system.
I have noticed since coming off the supplements 3-4 weeks ago that my periods are really heavy and irratic and painful and my skin is dreadful.
How long does it take for my system to be clear of these supplements? If i am clear now i want to make an appointment for a blood test asap and not wait another 6 weeks or so. My father has hypothyroid and he told me that as soon as i recieve medication i should start to feel a lot better within a few weeks, i so desperate to feel better even just a little bit.
Thank you