It was found that I have an enlarged thyroid through a routine gynecology exam. My dr. sent me for tsh blood draw which came back 1.12...good. He did no other blood test. I also went for an ultrasound and radioactive uptake. The ultrasound turned up an enlarged thyroid with 3 nodules of different sizes and makeups. The radioactive uptake was slightly elevated after 24 hours. Tne gynecologist is now sending me to an ENT surgeon.

It seems that other people have been tested for other things like t3 and t4 or antibodies...etc. The OB's thought was that since my tsh was in normal range, I would most likely need the surgeon? Is it possible to have a normal tsh and the others to be out of range? My husband wants me to see and endocrinologist too. Just wondering what other people who have had experience with this would do.....I understand that you would not be giving medical advice.

The radiology report was very vague. My right lobe is 6.1X2.0X2.6 cm and my left lobe is 6.1X1.8X2.2 cm. The largest nodule was .6cm. which seems very small to me and maybe insignificant? It was heterogenous and solid. The other 2 were smaller and partially cystic. I am assuming that the ENT will just watch these but I am still wondering if I should get more bloodwork done to be sure. Any responses would be welcome Thank you.