I read in the sun today that Robbie has been battling a hormone problem, which has caused him to gain weight, feel excessively tired, and we all know he problems with drugs and alcohol...mental health issues depression, all add up to a suspicious thyroid disease right??

my question, why the he'll do celebs not promote thyroid disease better, be advocates for thyroid diseasem we all know how oprah and alienated herself from the illness and even said it's laziness not thyroid disease.......

We NEED an advocate!!!!

Anyways.... Wishing Robbie a quick trip back to full health!!


The star’s said to have been suffering during his time out of the spotlight – with the mystery condition first hitting four years ago - but he thought he was ‘depressed as a person.’

But just months ago doctors diagnosed Rob with an undisclosed illness, putting on treatment which has ‘changed his life.