Hi everyone, I'm Bee & I'm 21 years old. I decided to join this forum as I getting confused with my doctors and specialists and my whole process.

In 2007 I was seeing an encronologist who referred me to a surgeon. I have not been diagnosed with a thyroid condition but that I have a multi nodule goitre, the largest one currently being 5.8x3.8x3cm.

In 2007 I was on a waiting list for surgery but they never called me and when I tried to call, they never returned my calls. I was put off by this and also the risk of losing my voice.

I have had 3 fine needle biopsies since 2007 where they test a different lump every year - all results have come back beneign.

However, I have been reading lots of articles about the same thing happening to other people and when they decide to go ahead with surgery even though the results are beneign, the surgeon finds cancer.

I am very concerned that due to the quantity and size of lumps in my neck that surgery will cause damage to my vocal cords. However, I am also concerned that cancer may be undetected in my neck. The earliest a specialist can see me is in a month's time.

for taking the time to read this. I look forward to taking a closer look at the forum. Bee