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Thread: Basal Temp / Pulse - Any comments Please

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    Info Basal Temp / Pulse - Any comments Please


    Monitoring thyroid / adrenal status using basal temp / pulse. Have read the books & get the picture.
    But what if..... Last time I had Thyroid/ Adrenal levels tested, thyroid was pretty 'flat' & Adrenal cortisol not good either.
    Yet, having taken usual temp / pulse readings that same day, they were 'normal' i.e first of the day 36.6 ( 72 ),
    last 36.7 ( 72 ) & the same through day! How comes?

    As supplementing, rely on pulse/ temp to monitor. It doesn't seem to follow through. Any ideas please.


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    @sparrow if your temperatures are normal than you dont have any to what I understand.

    How come your thyroid is flat if you are temperatures are normal? Mind you once thyroid goes down, adrenal kick in to keep everything running as normal and perhaps that means a period of everything feeling being normal but when it is not.

    You have to monitor the temperatures over a period of time. I remember when I removed my thyroid, my temperatures were pretty much stable but now they are all over the place.

    In my two years of research online, reading so many books and talking to every doctor I came across, I've come to a conclusion that nobody knows anything about adrenal. They all talk like perhaps adrenals are doing this or that or this and that etc etc....nobody exactly have got a clue how do adrenals react or how to fix they even break down? Experience says you feel better on adrenal support like Hydrocortisone....but than it's a steroid...who wouldnt feel better on it? Any sick person with any sort of sickness with respond to this steroid and feel better immediately....the only fact everyone agrees is that adrenal will shut the production down once they sense cortisol in the blood from external source.

    Best thing is try to live a stress free life, eat a healthy diet and pray to God that you recover soon.

    The above link gives you a good idea of when to blame adrenals and when to thyroid.

    In terms of temperatures look at this link below

    I hope it helps

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    Oh Boy.....
    so much for reply. I take it you must have experienced adrenal fatigue & hope your situation improves.

    I did post another adrenal query on web yesterday - if you have any comment on that I'd be grateful.

    Again, my best to you & thanks.



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