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Thread: How much thyroxine is normal?

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    How much thyroxine is normal?

    I was just wondering how much thyroxine our thyroid glands are supposed to make (for an average adult)?

    I take 150mcg and 125 mcg on alternate days at the moment. I have been on 175mcg but it has been reduced for this last year or so....I have no idea if this is a high or low amount!

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    I have tried searching hard for this question in the past without any success. The reason there is no definite answer to this is due to the so many factors involved. Someone could be producing only 100mcg of T4 and could still healthy compared to someone producing only 50mcg of T4. It would depend on genetics, body weight, size, glands, weight, etc etc.

    Now on the other side, even if we knew what is the standard hormone production, we just couldnt take that exact dose as we are relying of synthetic hormones and their absorption varies from individual to individual and other minerals and vitamins in the body. So let's say if 100mcg is standard dosage for a healthy adult and if you take might not feel better. Perhaps you'll feel better at 125mcg as 25mcg wouldnt absorb in your body for a reason or other. Or simply you could have a very high fibre diet...oh well you get the idea.

    I use following as guideline only (Ref below the image)


    Hope this helps



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