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Thread: How long to get it right?

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    Help Balloon How long to get it right?

    Hi all,

    I've only been having treatment for about 5-6 months for hypothyroidism and I'm currently on 100mg levothyroxine a day. My symptoms are better but I'm still not right and I'm currently waiting for my results to come back from a whole scheme of bloods to test for all sorts of stuff as my body seems to be falling apart.

    I was just wondering how long it took/has taken so far to get your doses right so that you feel vaguely normal. My husband and I want to try for our second baby next summer but obviously if I'm not right, we wont go ahead, but planning for the future is proving quite difficult with my health on the fritz!

    Any advice/info is welcome as while my Mum has had the condition for nearly 25 years, mine seems to be a lot more severe than hers and she has run out of advice. My Dr isn't taking me seriously and I think has just put me in for the tsts to shut me up! (we've just moved house so having to try to explain it all to a new Dr - grrrr!)

    in advance. xx hugs xx

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    Hi @aimee-lou and welcome to the forums

    It takes usually 6 to 8 weeks to feel any improvements after starting on thyroxine. What made you go to the doctor and what was your starting dose? Did you have any test results previously??? 100mcg seems to be high dose to start with but if you are still feeling unwell then that means you could do with slightly higher dose. Or perhaps you might wanna check other factors like Vitamin B12, Ferritin, Vitamin D etc. All these minerals and vitamins bring similar sort of hypo symptoms.

    Having said that, what are the symptoms that you are getting which make you feel that you are still unwell? Is it low energy, weight gain, palpitations or something else?

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    hi @aimee-lou, wow you got put on 100mcg of thyroxine quick took my doctors over a year to get onto that dose. im not being rude but i dont think many doctors understand thyroid problems hence their patients getting frustrated, no one explains anything properly to you- thats why we all come here and get help from others that have been through the same and understand i hope we can be of some help to you, look in the book section there are some great things there.



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