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Thread: Help really worried

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    Exclamation Help really worried

    Hiya everyone! so glad I found a forum like this

    Last Monday I found a swelling on the lower part of my neck, I went to the doctors and he felt it, asked me to swallow and stick my tongue out (didnít realize at the time why!) he said he thought it was a thyroglossal cyst, apart from he had never felt one as big as mine and it didnít move when I stuck my tongue out, only when I swallowed.

    He said I needed a scan.

    I had that yesterday, and the sonographer said that I had a swelling inside my thyroid, she said that the doctor wanted her to check for a cyst (which from how it sounded it wasnít)
    She then asked me if there are any thyroid problems in the family, and I said I didnít know and was told there was likely to be. She didnít tell me anything else and said the findings will be given to the doctor and I could have an appointment the next day.

    I have one Thurs at 9am.

    I am so worried, I have two young children, one is 10 months old and I canít stop crying and feel like a mess, I worry its cancer or something.

    She asked if I had any symptoms, but what I do have I donít and didnít consider to be any as I have had them for awhile.. like tiredness, moody, achey body, depressed and moment of high anxiety, my heart goes slow sometimes and I think its going to stop, delayed period (although im breastfeeding so it could be because of that) I have moments where I find it hard to focus too. But I just put this all down to recently having a baby and my anxiety, could they be symptoms of anything to do with the swelling?

    I am so scared about going the docs tomorrow

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    Re: Help really worried

    Oh and to add I found out my Nan has thyroid problems and so did her sister.

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    Re: Help really worried

    hi, try to relax and take a deep breath- i know it sounds hard as all this news has come as a shock. how did you get on with your appt today, have they put your mind at rest ? there are two great guys on here who can help you they know loads more than me- come on mike & ric help this poor lady out. please let us know how you got on



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