Has anyone tried it? I got it out of desperation. I had my thyroid removed last November, due to large growths. Nodules, I think they're called! Anyway, to be honest, the op was a relief.I'd been ill a long time before diagnosis. I was put on levothyroxine. I fidled with it until I got it right. I felt fantastic. Month by month, I felt better and better. What a change from pre op. All was well for 5 months. Then I went out 'partying.' The hangover was like no other I'd ever had. It went on for a week. I concluded that alcohol somehow stops the medication. ( IS that right?) Basically, it's all gone down hill from there. My TSH has been tested, and hasn't changed. 0.03. A bit low, but I felt fine before.
The Doc I go to hasn't got a clue. She just writes me off sick. I actually want to be well again!
I read somewhere that some people can benefit from adding t3 to the mix. Hence my Thai meds. Does anyone know what 175mcg translates to? I might as well give it a go. I can't feel much worse.
Any adice welcome.Angie