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Thread: Test Results - Kind of! Help please

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    Test Results - Kind of! Help please

    I have a blood test a week ago for - diabetes, thyroid and full liver and kidney function along with a full blood count. I phoned today for the results and was told the nurse told me the doctor wants me to repeat the full blood count next week. Also that the doctor needs to see me to give me the results of the other tests, which must mean they have found something and the nurse wasnt allowed to give me the results over the phone. So now I am freaking out!

    My symptoms are unexplained weight gain, tiredness etc which makes me think its thyroid, but dont know why they would want to do another full blood count. Has anyone else been in a similar position?

    I have to wait until Friday to see the doctor so know it cant be anything immediately life threatening.

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    Re: Test Results - Kind of! Help please

    It could be a simple case of that they might have taken TSH and FT4 only and now they want to do include FT3 in the test as well?

    Nothing to freak out as that would actually help in pin pointing to the exact cause of your problem. You should be glad that at least your GP is taking interest and asking for more tests rather than saying "Yeah it's normal...just do more exercise and you'll be okay".

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    Re: Test Results - Kind of! Help please

    Results came through as normal 1.5> Not sure what that means, the retests were for inflammed ESR, so waiting on the results on that now. for your response



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