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Thread: High heart rate, high glucose, TSH help!

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    High heart rate, high glucose, TSH help!

    I have had a disappointing day to say the least. I finally got into an endocrinologist after 3 months of trying to get in. I drove 6 hours round trip last week to see him. I already had a lot of lab work done prior to the appointment. He took more lab work and did an EKG because my heart rate was so high. My pulse was 98 and the EKG test showed my heart is beating irregular. I started testing at home and my pulse relaxed in my pajamas sitting on the couch at home is averaging between 85-90. I lose my breathe so easily now days and I am guessing this is why? So he tells me he is going to want to put me on a beta blocker after he sees my lab results and asks me to come back in a week. SO today I drove the 6 hours again to see him. He walks in, says I have Hashimoto's and that my lab tests show I am low right now so go home and come back in 2 months. Literally he was in the room for 3 minutes and left before I can even ask questions or ask what the lab work results were. I am so lost and I do not have a clue what is going on. I asked for copies of my lab work and I am going to try to find someone else. I looked at my labs in the car and my TSH is the highest it has ever been 4.35 and it shows my glucose is high at 145 (ref range 65-99). The doctor didn't even mention this! I didn't know it was high until I had my copies and was in the car! My mom is diabetic so I called her and asked what this reading means. She said it is a diabetic reading. Does this have something to do with my thyroid??

    I guess I was diagnosed with Hashi's today... although that 3 minute conversation didn't make me feel like I really was diagnosed with anything! He said my labs were down compared to the lab work I had done in January. He told me to come back in 2 months for all the lab work again or when I feel tired and constipated! Are you kidding me?? I am tired/fatigued all the time and feel like complete crap. I am losing my hair, I am coughing all the time, I do not have a sex drive, I have headaches, I am steadily gaining 10-15 pounds a year, etc.

    I could really use some advice until I find a new endo! Please help

    Here are my labs:

    *4/7/10 Glucose 142 H (65-99)
    *4/7/10 Sodium 133 (135-145)
    *4/7/10 TSH 4.35 (0.520-5.080)
    *4/7/10 Vitamin D 56 (30-150) this is after taking 6 weeks of 50,000 unit prescription of Vitamin D
    *4/7/10 T3, Free 3.40 (1.88-3.52)
    *4/7/10 T4, Free 0.84 (0.58-1.38)

    *Thyroid Anti-Microsomal AB 253 H (<35)
    *1/20/10 Vitamin D 27L (30-100) nurse practitioner prescribed 6 weeks of 50,000 units of Vitamin D
    *1/20/10 Lymphocytes 19.7 L (20.5-45.0)
    *1/20/10 Neutrophils 5.4 H (2.2-4.8)
    *1/20/10 T3, Free 5.2 H (1.8-4.2)
    *1/20/10 Cholesterol 179 H (50-170)

    3/11/09 TSH 4.21 (.34-4.82)

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    Re: High heart rate, high glucose, TSH help!

    Hey kbabe9, sorry to hear that you having issues but trust me, doctors are always like this. They are in business to make money and they couldnt care less what we feel like.

    I am not an expert on thyroid or glucose so wouldnt be able to advise you but one thing which appears to be you might be underactive. Weight gain could be due to a number of reasons so not quite sure about yours. Your TSH is high but if it's related to thyroid or glucose or any other hidden thing, I couldnt say.

    I am sorry I know not helping very much but perhaps you need to find a better doctor. Better do it early rather than late as whole thyroid related thing takes ages to fix.

    Good luck



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