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Thread: New comer to the thyroid roll. I think...

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    New comer to the thyroid roll. I think...


    First, a sort of funny thing today in the last few hours I just made the realization I might have problems with my thyroid. I had a sudden "urge" to find a place to reach out to where I could talk to someone and found this place. I don't get those often and sometimes I ignore them and other times I act on them and usually when that happens it means something. So, Hi all.

    BTW. This will probably be a really long post. I have a lot to say with my history.

    My medical issues all started during adolescence (now that I think about it.. maybe puberty had a few signs..I'll talk about that later) at the age of 15 I was diagnosed with gall bladder disease. To my frustration it took them six months to even diagnose that they kept looking past it and saying that the flu can last that long. Finally, I was diagnosed with gall bladder disease and despite I was horrified (being a teenager, you know, you think your super-girl in my case and being sick means your a freak etc) I was relieved at the fact I'd at least start to feel better. Sadly, this battle would continue because the surgeon deemed me to young to operate on and the doc gave me low dosage pain killers. Long story short, I found a homeopathic nurse(who is still treating me today) and that pain is cured. I'm still having huge problems with fatigue that have gone up and down over treatment and I had it with the diagnosis of gall stones but it got better for awhile.

    I've been told many stories that gall stones can make you tired and have low energy and I believed that for awhile. Especially since it did tend to get a lot better with the treatments I've been on for awhile I had "OK" energy and good concentration. Probably, about 8 out of 10 sometimes (which is pretty good) but I always felt this nagging weird foggy feeling and could never get to '10'. But no big deal, I was at an 8 right? However, I kept getting new and odd symptoms that doctors or she could never really put their fingers on. At the age of sixteen I had developed serious depression and mood swings from hell I wasn't myself at all and I started getting very strange chest palpatations at night. This time the doctors sort of listened to me and gave me a small blood test and sent me to a heart specialist. My heart rythms were not just normal but GREAT so they dismissed me all over again. Also, the blood tests were only for "anemia and white blood cell count" and again I was fine and dismissed. I tried to just rationalize that it was my depression and anxiety (again more symptoms) which the doctor was explaining to me to try and keep my stress down(Haha they KEEP trying to say that it's psychological). Though I kept trying to figure it out with my homeopathic nurse whose the ONLY one that will investigate(but she can't do much unless it is properly diagnosed). Again, she put me on a new medication over and over and I showed signs of improvement- but not EXCELLENT improvement and it's never stable I keep having to switch medications.

    For awhile I've avoided the doctors like the plague because I am very angry with how they keep flying circles around me and keep giving me stupid solutions " It's psyholoigical stress." "Are you sucicidal? You may have severe depression lets put you on anti-depressants". The heart doctor even gave me some BS about " The electrical surges from your brain aren't reaching your heart correctly, they jump around, which gives you palpatatons." AKA Stress (Yeah, don't ask me. But I almost bought it... haha). So, for many years now ( I am 21 years old now do the math ok 6yrs) I've been trying to cope and getting better for a few months to just drop down again. Until quite recently the symptoms are rearing like mad, last year I went to the doctors again for severe spinning feeling I could NOT even walk correctly without doing a swagger and trying to fight a faint. They did diagnose me with virtigo and to rest for a few weeks and it should pass (stress was causing it). It did get better from that state but it did NOT go away it's been the same for these past 6 years.

    However, now I am more aware of other symptoms being a lady my menstural cycle is totally off (sorry guys) I am on time some months, other months I am WAY to early, some months I'm extremely late it's light and then very heavy(Plus the horrible state I am in if I'm late w/ dizzyness energy and massive mood swings). I'm constantly tired, and I feel like I'm in a fog every day- I can't concentrate, I'm sweating a lot more then ever, I feel the cold when it isn't, (I live in sunny CA- I wear at least two layers of clothes if not four). I sleep for 10 hours and I'm still not energized and lately my whole body gets in aches, my skin is dry and I'm extremely thirsty. I get through life but it's a huge struggle to do so because of this energy battle. I excersise but I think I've gained weight because I just feel heavier- even though I'm not as overweight as I've been. Now that I think about it that summer before I was diagnosed with gall stones I had become overwweight and very lethargic- my mom told me that she noticed I changed because I did NOTHING during that summer and before that I was a very active person. I WAS a very active, and social person and now I"m completely the opposite because no one understands when your to tired to get involved...even though you very much want to.

    Just now, I've researched the symptoms of THYROID only because the just recent doctors I went to mentioned thyroid and anemia. Though, this sounds very much like something with thyroid..but I told them I am not aware of any history in the family. I just read over the symptoms and it explains everything I'm going through- and I read stories from other people about this strange weak/fatigue/ tiredness that everyone thinks your lazy but it's just EXHAUSTION.. a weird exhaustion...... and that's exactly what I have.

    I'm so very happy to maybe have found out what my problem is, but, I am very worried that when I go back to get my blood tests. They will still not find anything and dismiss me.. I have the form and I haven't checked what THYROID test it is but I heard there's many.

    I'm so tired of struggling, but, I'm glad I found this forum and found that others have struggled with this. If I do not have a thyroid problem- I don't mean to impose.. but.. I think I do have it.

    for listening.

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    Re: New comer to the thyroid roll. I think...

    hello and welcome, lovely to hear from you - i hope you enjoy the site and can contribute loads of info to people who are new to thyroid complaints.

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    Re: New comer to the thyroid roll. I think...

    Oh man that was a long post I am glad to hear that at least now you know the exact problem and you can get on with fixing it.

    Trouble with thyroid is that it will upset every other hormone in the body so nothing will work fine even if it was supposed to. You've got to get your tests done and then take it from there. Progress might be a bit slower but u'll feel a lot better and hopefully your active lifestyle should return



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