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Thread: Thyroid & IBS issues

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    Unhappy Thyroid & IBS issues

    Hi I just wondered if anybody has some good info, or experiences of having IBS with their thyroid problems?

    As I said in another topic, Ive had 3 years of underactive vs. normal test results along with many symptoms of an underactive thyroid, while Ive also had IBS (constipation to be specific). Dr's ignored the thyroid problem/symptoms and just fobbed me off each visit with a different kind of laxative which after a while I refused to take as they were too strong for me & was worried of the consequences of taking them frequently.

    Anyway had a baby - didn't seem to have the thyroid symptoms while I was pregnant, then started to get the thyroid symptoms back again so got tested about 3 months ago and it came back normal. Went to see Dr bout new dry skin thing I've suddenly developed ( about 3-4 weeks ago) which she said was like eczema, and we discussed my thyroid again so we had blood tested couple of weeks back then it came back that my thyroid has shot up really to overactive! So I just had my bloods sent away for antibodies testing and another thyroid test.

    BUT this saturday I felt awful suddenly! I was freezing yet sweating, I had abdominal pains, I felt dizzy, I felt nauseous.. anyway basically my constipation tured the other way and had diarrhea and felt the abdo pains since then. Sunday and today have had bloody-mucus when been to the toilet, but no actual stool.

    I'm guessing this has happened because of the sudden hypo - hyper change??? Has anybody else experienced this? I'm hoping the mucus thing i just part of the IBS thing as Ive not had it before. My diet certaily hasn't changed, I drink decaff, on a healthy diet, no spicy foods for ages but when I do its only mildly spicy o Im very confused if this isnt thyroid-related.

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    Re: Thyroid & IBS issues

    I've read that IBS is a possible symptom of thyroid problems. Don't know whether it's related to anything particular between hypo/hyperthyroidism, or whether the bowel symptoms would change when the thyroid function changed...



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