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Thread: Dietary help for underactive thyroid

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    Dietary help for underactive thyroid

    Hello! Can anybody please advise me whether I can make changes to my diet to help with an underactive thyroid? Is there a certain diet that can help or minerals?

    I have read on the web that kelp and zinc is supposed to be beneficial, high protein diet is useful and organic foods are good. But are they?

    Has anyone got any experience? very much

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    Re: Dietary help for underactive thyroid

    How much are you underactive by? If it's mild then yeah perhaps diet would help but if it's a lot then changing diet or anything else wouldnt help

    Did you do any tests at all?

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    Hi chasingcarousels. A book I'd highly recommend you read is called "The Thyroid Diet" by Mary J Shomon which is all about how to manage your metabolism for lasting weight loss. Mark Hyman MD from UltraWellness (not sure how accurate his recommendations are) suggests that the foods to avoid include: foods with a high salt content (eg chips/crisps); iron and calcium medications/supplements; vitamins high in iron; calcium supplements; cottonseed meal; soybean flour; and walnuts. His recommended meds/supplements include: iodine (and iodonized salt); vitamin D; Omega 3 fats; selenium; zinc; B vitamins; vitamin A.

    I do hope you'll get the book and be in a position to manage your condition more favourably.



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