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Thread: Feeling Awful

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    Feeling Awful

    In advance, I apologize for this complaint. I was recently tested again and my Thyroid function is right in the middle of the normal range (2.2). I told my doctor that I feel tired all the time, have no energy, and no interest in doing anything. I do things though. I work 25 hours a week, which involves almost constant interaction with people. I drive for a rental company, so I'm not doing strenuous work. However, no matter what I do, I feel like I'm dragging myself through it. Two weeks ago my dosage of Levothyroxin was increased to 75 mcg. I know this is a low dose. I started on 25 mcg., then in October it was increased to 50 mcg. I will finish this prescription and then talk to the doctor again if I still don't feel better. In fact, I feel worse that I did prior to the dosage change. I have a feeling this isn't unique at all and that many others go through this. It really is wearing on my mentally. for listening. Sorry for the long rant.


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    Re: Feeling Awful

    hi wes, nice to see you- sorry to hear that your still not feeling right. im still only taking 75mcg and like you dont feel its enough im still so goddam tired !! no magic cure though if there was id share it out



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