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Thread: Hello - From Bedfordsire

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    Hello - From Bedfordsire

    Hello to everyone ..
    I live in bedfordshire, i am a 36 year old male and i am a full time carer to my disabled mum..

    Well i finaly plucked up the courage to see the dr's as things wasn't right i am tired, consentration levels are low, achy ... Generaly feeling like crap ..

    So on thew 2nd feb i had a full blood test .. and a week later went back .. not good ..

    I got told that i have underactive thyroid .. and my cholesterol was wasy too high ...

    T3/T4 11.02 Tsh 11.17 and Cholesterol 10.2 .. The Dr said its a family thing .. funny he said that because my 1/2 brother was told in dec he had a overactive and 2 of my 1/2 sisters have overactive and another 1/2 sister has under .. My mother has a overactive aswell ..

    So the Dr's have put me on Levothroxine 50mcg and Simvastin 40mg to start with...

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    Re: Hello - From Bedfordsire

    Hi brogusblue and welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear your problem but thyroid problems are quite common and a lot of people dont know it.

    It's good that at least you've been identified and you are trying to fix the issue. One thing I'd say is that you can't take readings like T4/T3 11.02 etc as these two are totally different numbers so you'll have to ask it which number you have been given. Also if it was FT3 or FT4, I would imagine it's FT4 here.

    Your TSH is quite high as well so 50mcg is not a bad starting dose. I surely hope you'll feel better within weeks unless there is other cholesterol related problem, which I don't really know how it works.

    Keep us updated on your progress and good luck

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    Re: Hello - From Bedfordsire

    to the site, I'm glad you finally plucked up the courage to post!! We dont bite honest!!

    Your cholesteral will come down as your Thyroid levels are back to normal!!

    Anything dont hesitate to ask!!

    Ric thumbup thumbup
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!



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