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Thread: Graves then RAI now Hypo!!!!!

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    Graves then RAI now Hypo!!!!!

    Hi All
    I thought I would post on here my experience. After 4 replapes of overactivity my last being quite serious my consultant decided that RAI therapy would be the best route to go. It took me nearly a year to pluck up the courage to get this done. In September last year I worked myself up to drink this cocktail (which after a lot of hype was no trouble at all) after 4 hours of taking it, my neck was swollen and i had trouble swallowing, but this only lasted around 24 hours (chewing chewing gum relieved this)....then after a week i returned on the carbizamole/thyroxine regime and felt absolutley fine In November i went back to hospital and my dr wanted me to take the meds for another 6 weeks then stop taking them for 6 weeks so they could see what my thyroid was doing!! I stopped taking my meds on boxing day and was ok for a couple of weeks then i started feeling rubbish I thought i was going mad My symptoms were constant headaches, raised blood pressure, slow pulse, dry skin, puffy eyes/face, depression, crying, confused, couldnt make decisions to name a few!!! My husband suggested i took 50mg thyroxine as he thought my thyroid had stopped working, so I did!!! knowing 5 days later I had an appointment to see my dr. I kept taking the meds 50 mg a day. When I saw my Dr she said "do you feel rubbish?" understatement of the thyroid has stopped working!!!!! She has now suggested that I take 100mg meds and go back in weeks, they will then probably up it to 125mg!! I can report that after a week of starting my meds my physical symptoms are improving a little daily, but emotionally I am still a wreck, she has told me it will take around 4 weeks for my levels to get to a point where i start to feel is not quick enough for me.....I am now trying to look positively hopefully when my levels settle i will feel better, but this is such an under estimated condition and more needs to be publicised about it!!!! Anyone else experienced this drop so quickly i would love to hear from....on a positive note the treatment worked, although a little to well for my liking

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    Re: Graves then RAI now Hypo!!!!!

    Hi mandr33 sorry to hear about you being unwell and had so much trouble. But then this is the case for every single patient and yet they keep doing it. Hypo condition is so much worse than hyper...I am mildly hyper and I had RAI and now there is not even a single day when I dont regret it.

    Biggest trouble is it's not easy to understand the situation unless one has gone through itself. All I can say is keep faith in and keep adjusting your doses and at one point, you'll feel a lot better.....and that would be your final dose. Wish it was that simple.

    Good luck anyway and keep us informed



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