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Thread: poor trust rating

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    Female poor trust rating

    I see that has been recommended for the purchase of Eltroxin. I have just surfed there to check out availability/costs etc, but "Web of Trust" (WOT) has warned me that the site is not to be trusted - "phishing scams" etc. WOT is very respected amongst the techies I know for preventing us from venturing onto unsafe sites, but in my opinion it rates sites on too few "reviews", and also it is easy to rate at the wrong end of the scale in error, which is what it looks like someone may have done here (red review, but "I have shopped here for years" in the remarks). So if forum members value International Pharmacy, would they download WOT and redress the balance with their positive review of IP?

    Here is the WOT ratings page for IP:

    I personally use WOT in conjunction with Finjan Secure Browsing, which actually scans sites for malicious activity, and sum up the balance of the two.

    EDIT - I've now got through to the site and they do not have ELTROXIN in stock, or even listed.


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    Re: poor trust rating

    I too have used International pharmacy for a couple of years and I can say I only had good experiences from them.

    i haven't used them for 6 months though, so things might have changed.
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
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    Re: poor trust rating

    clemenzina , internationalpharmacy are quite respectable name and I only had very good experience with the site and their customer support. Mind you, you are using a software which cannot think so it might give a false alarm which you can safely ignore in my opinion.

    I've a few new websites which can be used to purchase medicine but as far as I know, Eltroxin is sold in the UK or some european countries while it's called Synthyroid in US.



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