Greetings Everyone:
I am so happy to be here and find you all. I am a Newbie and am from Missouri USA.
I am so happy with my new journey to health that I want to share it all with you. I also posted under Armour and Cytomel to discuss part of my journey. So here I am to talk to you about my depression and the amazing cure my Holistic doctor has found!!! PLEASE READ!

I am going to Dr. Varsha Rathod here in Missouri ... Rathod.php

Here are some things she found that contributed to my depression other than the thyroid issue I had.
Get tested for Type 2 (IgG) food allergies/sensitivities. There is a company called Immuno Labs that has this test nailed down to a T. Type 1 (IgE) is when you have hives and shock from a peanut or strawberries. IgG is chronic and anties up in your body over the years especially as you approach menapause for women and andropause for men. You can have disrelated symptoms all or none of these: depression, tiredness, severe or mild brain fog, joint pain, muscle cramps, watering eye, sneezing, bloating, GERD, and the list goes on. I got tested and am IgG allergic to 18 foods. I have avoided those foods for 4 months now and all my symptoms are GONE!!!! I DO MEAN GONE!! For more info see:
They pipit (spelling) your blood draw against 300+ foods for allergic reaction, then they have a sister website that also helps you deal with eating around the food allergies. They also test for Candida (OVERGROWN YEAST IN THE BODY) which most the AMA doesn't even recognize. I had this also and was treated with fluconazole to kill the yeast in my body. I feel incredible!!! Candida and IgG are also found to ramp up problems with RA, Dementia, and Autism - please read their site and you can call for a doctor reference also!
There is also another website that you can go to in order to request a tests yourself - you just have to have a doctor's blooddraw orderhttp://www.integrativepsychiatry.n ... _test.html
- you can contact this site on how to do that - if you go to their testing supplies there is a whole gammit of tests you can have run without going to a doctor (especially if your doctor doesn't feel a test is necessary)