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Thread: dizziness

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    Does anyone get this awful, you would wish it on your worst enemy if it mean't you got rid of it, dizziness and feeling unsteady daren't turn your head cos it gets worse.

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    Re: dizziness

    Hi CAROL ANNE, so sorry to hear you have dizziness it can be most distessing. Have you checked your
    blood pressure? A high BP can cause this
    Do you get dizzy when rising from sitting or lying down? This can be a sign of low adrenal function and
    again this can be checked by taking the BP whilst sitting, then immediately after atanding. If the pressure
    drops rapidly it could be poor adrenal function.
    Again, have you had a test for levels of B12, ferritin and folate in the blood? Any of these, if low, can be
    a cause of dizziness (anaemia)
    If none of the above then possibly it is due to Thyroid Disease, but I'm thinking you would be feeling pretty
    bad with many other symptoms if it is that. What are you latest blood results, and what meds are you on?




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