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Thread: Why is Forest Pharmaceuticals Lying About Thyroid Drug Thyro

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    Why is Forest Pharmaceuticals Lying About Thyroid Drug Thyro

    Taken from mary Shomans Website
    For months, patients have been struggling to get the thyroid drug Thyrolar (the generic name is liotrix), and it's a combination of levothyroxine and l-triiodothyronine -- a synthetic T4/T3 drug -- made by Forest Pharmaceuticals. Since the spring, the drug has been essentially unavailable around the country, and Forest has provided no information, other than a pre-recorded phone message indicating that the drug was backordered, with no estimated return to market. (Similar to their natural desiccated thyroid drug, Armour Thyroid.) In August, Forest posted a statement at the Thyrolar website at, and included this same statement on their phone message regarding Thyrolar availability. The statement reads as follows:
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!

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    Re: Why is Forest Pharmaceuticals Lying About Thyroid Drug Thyro

    Its horrible what is taking place with natural disscated thyroid. Armour is on long term backorder, due to reformulation errors and possibly FDA issues (the information is unclear). While Thyrolar is on backorder without a date. Both products are from Forest Labs. Forest is not communicating to the media or public, even to appease patient concerns (fears). Its a terrible dilemma...and scary too.

    Because these two medications are delayed Naturethroid manufacturers (RCL) are on 90 day backorder to keep up with the unexpected demand for natural disscated thyroid meds from former Armour thyroid patients. At least that information seems pretty clear.

    I have three weeks left of Armour with no available substitute, but my doctor and insurance are working together to come up with an agreeable solution. So far, leaning towards a compounding pharmacy for natural disscated thyroid meds. Once I get my medication under control, the final outcome is to switch to Naturethroid permanently.

    I too stay in touch with Mary's progress through "" and "Facebook - Save Natural Disscated Thyroid".

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    Re: Why is Forest Pharmaceuticals Lying About Thyroid Drug Thyro

    I, too, am having to switch meds after being on Armours for 10 years! I had RAI in 99, the doc gave me a well known synthetic soon after the procedure and it did not work for me. So I began taking 180 a day of Armours. Had that dose up until 3 years ago and had to switch to taking two 90's per day because I couldn't get 180's anymore.

    Now I run out of Armours on Friday. My endo has prescribed Cytomel and Thoroxine. I hope it works! Or else I am a goner! LOL! It's not really funny, though.

    The FDA are crazy folk. Since dessicated porcine thyroid was already being produced ( started in 1900) before the FDA was formed, they now - after a century - have decided that the handful of companies who produce natural thyroid hormone must submit a New Drug Application or Abbreviated New Drug Application. What a crock of crapolla! It's all about MONEY and everyone knows it.

    If anyone out here takes the two meds I will be soon taking - I would appreciate any info you can give me about how it works for you. I have read some forums where people say it helps them lose weight. That would be a plus.


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    Re: Why is Forest Pharmaceuticals Lying About Thyroid Drug Thyro

    Can you not get your precription filled at Erfa in Canada? , I understand that you only have to send your
    prescription to them, it would be better than going on to T4/T3, A lot of doctors are just making this an
    excuse to get patients on to their beloved Levothyroxine but I fear after being on Armour you would feel
    the difference eventually, even if not immediatly.

    Having said that I am on T4/T3 and doing OK, but have never tried NDT, I suspect I would be even better
    if I did try it, but under the current situation, no chance. Yes, I did lose a little weight when I started the T3
    about 4 lbs, but theres no guarantees on that.




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