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Thread: diet/lpr/meds

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    I have had to make dramatic changes to my diet over the last year since having Hash/being hypo. I have become lacto - and gluten intolerant big style since. I also seem intolerant to other things.
    Also affecting my diet is the fact that I have had a large colonic polyp removed that had borderline cancer (I have to go for 3 montly colonoscopies to enable monitoring). So I eat a lot of fruit. This does not help the next bit: I have been diagnosed with Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and been prescribed Lansoprazole. I can see some links myself, holistically, to all this, relating to metabolic rate etc. I wondered has anyone else had similar? And does anyone know any effects from the Lansoprazole medication, please? I have to take 2 x 30 mg tablets a day and am leaving taking them til well after taking my levothyrxine. I have read the general info on't interweb. Many than ks. Hope all are feeling well. anni

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    Re: diet/lpr/meds

    Can't help with any info on the lansoprazole, but will confirm that I have coeliac disease and lactose
    intolerance. as do many hypos, that or IBS which is probably undiagnosed coeliac. However, since I have
    been better on my thyroid dosage, I find I can tolerate the occasional small amount of cows milk products, perhaps a bit of cheese or the occasional piece of pavlova Of course the gluten intolerance will always
    be there but I feel so much better for not eating some of the rubbishy things I used to.

    Now I eat organic if possible, plenty of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, little bread,cakes and pastries.
    Have you looked at the Paeleo Diet? Supposed to be really good, but I cant quite go that far.

    I also have a hiatus hernia, which should cause a lot of reflux, but because the Pernicious Anaemia means
    I am lacking in stomach acid, it does not cause me much trouble at all.

    As low thyroid levels affect every cell in the body, I guess that just about anything can be attributed to TD.,
    but when optimally medicated these other problems shoiuld be mitigated if not cleared.

    Hope you're having a better day




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