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Thread: suspect hypo but scared of docs

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    suspect hypo but scared of docs

    Hi, i'm new on here as was just looking for some info from real people!
    I have various symptoms that i very much feel could be down to my thyroid but I have such a 'thing' about going to the docs! (all stemmed from a couple of rubbish experiences with them)
    I am so unbelievably tired i often feel like i could just die on my feet, it's been getting worse quite recently.
    I suffer from very low moods to the point i just cry at everything and struggle to motivate myself to deal with the day ahead.
    I am permanently cold, i will sit on my sofa in a duvet at all times of year!
    I went to a doc years ago when i first noticed the swelling in my neck and he very much just said he didn't think it was anything to worry about - end of topic.
    The more i think about it the more i am positive that my struggles with what i think is depression, originated at a similar time to my swelling and tiredness.
    I have always put my tiredness down to a stressful and physically active job (there's always been a reason to explain it away) but i really do think i have had it all wrong.
    I then went to a doc a few years later about feeling depressed only to be told it's unrealistic to feel happy all the time - again end of topic.
    So now i've done my research and i'm pretty confident my thyroid could have played a part in feeling so rubbish for so many years and now I have an 18 month old daughter who just wants to play and i just want to cry as i am so tired i feel like my muscles don't want to work.
    I know i should go to the docs and try again but the previous two have made me mistrust them so much i will do anything to avoid them. I guess i just don't want to be told there is nothng wrong as i currently feel like i am going mad and struggling to deal with daily life!

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    Re: suspect hypo but scared of docs

    Hi tillymum

    Very sorry to hear about your condition and that's a very good approach you have adopted, by doing your own research. The doctors are absolutely useless sometimes so you can't just rely on them anymore.

    From my understanding, your symptoms are directly related to your thyroid. Did you ever have your thyroid tests done? If not then get it done as soon as possible. It's called TFT (Thyroid Function Test) plus request for FT3 levels as well. Dont listen to anyone who says NO you wouldnt need FT3 or FT4, just take things in your control.

    It would be better to do a FBC (Full Blood Count) as other hormones or functions may be compromised as well if you have been hypothyroid long. Trust me, you'll feel much much better once you have sorted this issue out and you'll be playing with your little girl all day long



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