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Thread: Well worth the read about curing mental and other problems

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    Well worth the read about curing mental and other problems

    You know I have had a lot of problems with mental manifestations with my thyroid and then with vit D replacement (if you read the forum regularly and noticed), well magnesium is awesome stuff, I am taking 400-500mg per day now and it helps me a lot.

    I highly recommend you read this page

    It isn't just good for mental stuff it is generally needed by us with our iffy western diets right now.

    lotsa luv
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    Re: Well worth the read about curing mental and other problems

    I take 500 mg magnesium daily, it is incorporated with calcium 1000 mg in my "bone health supplement
    and according to that manufacturer it should be taken in a ratio of 2:1

    Dawn, if you would like to pm me your address I would be happy to lend you my copy of "The Calcium Lie"
    I was quite impressed with this book. You mentioned elsewhere that you were thinking of getting a copy.
    Its got me going on supplementing with Ionic Trace Minerals




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