Hello fellow thyroid sufferers

we are again one of those horrible points in time where the few have great power over the many. The many being the sufferers, the few being the FDA who have now ordered the shutting down of 2 generic manufacturing plants of natural dessicated thyroid. Ordered that Armour since reformulation and others that have reformulated since it was grandfathered (able to be prescribed without trial through the FDA because of its safe record). Causing huge shortages of the one still in production in America RLC labs (naturethroid and westhroid..same meds), people went on these who weren't doing well on the new Armour formula. Armour is also on back order if you like it still, not available. ERFA Thyroid in Canada isn't available without a script and a huge form filling in by the prescriber apparently, not sure about in the UK, don't know what form would be filld in here. Anyway what we need is for everyone who cares about fellow sufferers who are either allergic, or cannot lead a productive life on synthetic thyroid hormones to write letters to the FDA in America protesting about it and telling them it is a safe product and you know lots of folks or yourself using it and in need of it.

Also need a list of all the advocates, ie, people who run forums large or small, patient organizations who would rally to the cause.

Sorry we always seem to be asking for help, but we need to help each other in whatever way we can in this world where money and little peoples' egos push to the fore and try to manipulate the vulnerable or those suffering and it is very detrimental to all. There are people who will die without natural thyroid hormones, don't know if I will be one but I nearly did before, however if God calls me that will be time, I will not go until that time no matter what the FDA does .

So if anyone has some little known (or large) internet based or other thyroid patient organisations please let us have it on this thread. Also please don't forget to write to the FDA on behalf of us all, or personally if you take NDTH.

Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002

lotsa luv