I was just on another board and I read a post about a girl who suffered from a horrible anxiety problem and it eased off when she took a naturethroid which she had with her, she normally takes all T3 but did not have one with her, her hc didn't work to ease the anxiety.

The statement on the forum was interesting, when you have too little active TH in your body your body kicks out adrenalin to compensate and keep your body going.
My problem now is which is causing what? I have been thinking because the anxiety eases on hc that it was adrenal causing my anxiety when they come, however, perhaps it is lack of TH?
I might have to test this out.
Just thought I would post it because it seemed an interesting thing to explore. It was also about getting very sleepy which I do throughout the day occasionally, drowsy, perhaps I am going through my T3 to fast and don't have a great deal in reserve, my T4 is supposed to sort that out, but before Armour my T4 was hardly keeping me alive.

Anyway it is interesting, especially for us that suffer emotional problems.

luv Dawnx