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Thread: Antibody Negative?

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    Antibody Negative?

    I have mild hyperthyroidism, with a TSH measured at 0.1 ref range 0.4-4.5, t3 and t4 and free t4 all normal.
    I have one diagnosed a number of suspected autoimmune diseases. I am a 20 year old man, and I have no family history of any thyroid disease.

    So my endocrinologist and I figured I had an autoimmune thyroid disorder- Graves' Disease or else the hyperthyroid stage that sometimes occurs in Hashimoto's Disease.
    However, my thyroid antibodies- TRAb, TPO, and I don't know what else- all came back within normal limits. I am scheduled for an iodine uptake scan on June 3 and 4.

    So here's a question: how much stock should I put in the antibody tests? Does this mean that I probably have some other disease, or are Graves' and Hashi's still the most likely possibilities?
    What are the other possibilities, anyways?

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    Re: Antibody Negative?


    I had grave's disease and was mildly hyperthyroidism and my anitbodies came negative as well. When I spoke to Dr. barry Peatfield, he says it's not possible to have overactive thyroid and no antibodies. What happens is that the antibodies start to attack thyroid tissues and in return, thyroid wants to increase the output by working overtime. Sometimes antibodies can go very high resulting is bigger thyroid dump in your blood and you feeling extremely overactive and sometimes when the antibodes number is decreased, you feel fine as your thyroid stops producing extra hormones.

    Now I don't know myself why this happens and why sometimes antibodies come -ve but this could be because of the test taken? I must admit, I never tried testing antibodies again as it doesnt matter to me anyway due to little thyroid left.

    You need all three type of anitbodies, Thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb), Thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb), and Thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibody (TRAb)



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