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Thread: Does your Thyroid Lower you Testosterone levels?

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    Does your Thyroid Lower you Testosterone levels?

    Hello Everyone, My name is Shannon. I have been Hypothyroid for over 10 years now, I have recently visited my family doctor (who has now referred me to an Endo) she had tested my T-levels and did something new, She tested my Testosterone levels and told me they were "low" but not low enough. I was wanting to know does your thyroid lower your Testosterone?

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    Re: Does your Thyroid Lower you Testosterone levels?

    Well not an expert on sex hormones myself but I think low thyroid may cause low production of LH and FSH which are responsible for the production of testosterone in the testicles. On the other side, if adrenals are stressed out than the production is likely to fall. Even though adrenals don't produce that much of testosterone, it's DHEA which is converted to testosterone and keeps your young and wrinkle free!

    One thing to keep in mind is that if you take DHEA supplements, that DHEA could be converted to estrogen or testosterone. If it's the first then you get into trouble or else it's fine. Whenever there is a sudden surge is testosterone levels in the body, body automatically converts it into estrogen creating all sort of problems for men.

    I would say to be very careful with testosterone replacement therapy as the one which is time released over a period of week is better or better to work out the initial cause and try to fix it. The levels may rise themselves if other glands/hormones are fixed but it will take sometime.

    Hope this helps.



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