There was a mis spelling on the email addy for the RCP complaining against the guidelines.

Please if you disagree with these guidelines and want your Dr to have the freedom to use further tests and other meds, you need to write and complain TODAY.

This is a last reminder to you all that 14th April is the deadline set by the Royal College for any further questions or comments to be made on the new guideline on the diagnoses and management of primary hypothyroidism. If you have not commented yet, or you have any questions to put to them, please write to immediately. It is VITAL that you make your views known NOW to try to stop them bringing these guidelines into practicE

Please dont forget to let them know your reasoning for this. IE are you intolerant to thyroxine? Were you ill on other treatment? Do you find it hard to get diagnosed from the TSH test? Have you suffered and are you now feeling better with T3 or Armour?

United we stand
take care
luv Dawnx