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Thread: Introducing myself

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    Question Introducing myself

    Hi All

    Finally decided that I won't accept my life as it is and going to do something about it. I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid about 4 years ago and I was put on 50mg of levothyroxine. I continued to go for blood tests and it seemed that was the correct dose for me and my results were in the normal range?

    I had a son July 07 and finally diagnosed with postnatal depression when he was about 15 months old, I had never felt quite right since having him but always put it down to tiredness/thyroid/hormones etc and figured tomorrow would be a better day, sadly it never was.

    I've been taking 20mg citralopram since Nov 08 and have started to feel like the old me for the past 3/4 weeks. Sadly the old me includes being tired almost all of the time, I can have lots of sleep or very little and never feel any different. I suffer hot sweats and often finish work feeling like I totally stink - colleagues assure me I don't but I certainly think I do. I have constant coldsores in my nose which drive me mad as they itch! My hands suffer dry skin and I always feel the cold. I feel bad that when I have finished work I just want to sit on my bum and most of the time don't have the energy to entertain my son.

    I went to the Dr's on Tuesday, check up re PND, and I mentioned that depression wise I was feeling much like the old me but queried if life with an underactive thyroid should be like I have described above, she kind of just went hhhhmmmmm yes! This is the second Dr I have asked this question and both have lead me to believe this is how my life is going to be - I find that very hard to accept.

    My line manager at work suggested seeing a specailist, sadly I don't know where to start, do I need a referal from the Dr? Work would be willing to pay for private consultation but not the treatment - any advice on how to proceed, I live in cumbria.

    Any help and advice greatly received, I am only just looking into my condition and trying to understand what it really is and means for me.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all

    Oh I mean't to ring and get my TFT results to post - but as per usual I forgot (do that plenty).

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    Re: Introducing myself

    I rang the Dr surgery and got my results from last sept - TSH 1.4????

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    Re: Introducing myself

    Hi Jo JO, welcome to the site!!

    Sounds a bit like me in regard to Thyroid problems, I was diagnosed little over 4 years ago and started on 50mcgThyroxine. Its great to hear you wont except your problems no more. Power to the people and all that

    Congratulations on the birth of your son. I had al ittle boy ion 2008 :d

    As for Anti depressants alot of them interfere with Thyroid meds, so be careful about your bloods. 1.4 could be a lot better, and if your unwell, an increase should be thought about. As close to zero as possible is advised.

    Also if your feeling down, therapy might well help you, it helped me lots, I was in therapy for 3years. did my nothing but good, my Therapist said, everyone can benefit from therapy!!

    If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to ask!

    Nice to hear from you

    Take care

    Ric thumbup
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!

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    Re: Introducing myself

    Hi Ric
    for the reply. GP did mention counseling at first diagnosis of PND, but the GP I see now seems to think I don't need it as the meds have helped me get sorted out on that front. I haven't had my blood done since being on the AD's and when I mentioned it the other day she seemed reluctant to get them done again - hence the specialist question.
    I think I'm going to try and get an appointment tomorrow and chat with another GP about it.
    I have barely been able to get out of bed this week and it's taken everything I have to force myself up and go to work - you have to don't ya! I do, it would be too easy to give in to it otherwise.
    I'll keep ya posted

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    Re: Introducing myself

    Hi hon
    We all have been where you are and many are having similar problems and all are generally frustrated. Being hypo seems to range from mild symptoms right down to FM and CFS like me. I have Hashimotos disease, I have had it for years but they only tested my antibodies last year at my request after learning a lot on these boards and from scientific online journals. You only had TSH tested? That tends to be the rotton level of medicine practiced at the moment on the NHS. A test that won't detect whether the pituatory is ok (TSH is a pit hormone, if your pit is not functioning correctly then the test for thyroid function this way is absolutely useless, there are many other reasons why this test is useless too, especially if you have antibodies to thyroid gland and hormones.)
    Good for you saying you are not going to accept it.
    There is a Dr, (who has a big fan club of thyroid sufferers lol) a good one who you do need a referral to that Ric goes to. He has treated the author (along with Dr Peatfield) Diana Holmes (Tears behind Closed doors - book) . She is chirpy now but it wasn't just through TSH testing and a bit of levothyroxine. She appeared on This Morning but wasn't allowed to mention the medications she had actually been on and got right with, censored TV? Not sure. Dr Peatfield wrote a wonderful book 'your Thyroid and how to keep it Healthy, he retired from GP and is now practicing as a ND outside the NHS) people like him a lot, he is very good but
    good but cannot prescribe any more so those seeing him order their meds off the internet.
    You will learn on the forums there is a bit of a problem going on, Drs daren't go outside certain guidelines laid down, guidelines which leave us feeling rotton, but those Drs that do treat outside them to get the patient well suffer for it.
    I would pm Ric if I were you hon.
    Get the GP to at LEAST test your free T4 levels, and if you can get the test for your Free T3 levels (your active hormone which the NHS are very resistant to testing). Ask for an antibody test TPOab, TGab, and also find whether you have good Ferritin levels without which you cannot utilize the hormones properly. Also hypos are suspect for B12 deficiency and Folate deficiency. Lots show low Vit D.
    You don't HAVE to feel like that but it is a long road back for us that are trying to balance hormones after years of inferior treatment on thyroxine. Some people seem ok on it but they always have the lingering hypo symptom or 2 or 3, depression is one that is usually 'lingering' on thyroxine, gone on a preparation with T3 in it like Armour or by adding some T3 to the thyroxine.
    I advise you to read all you can, don't accept anything on face value like a hmm from your Dr who obviously either knows better and isn't saying or doesn't know much about thyroid disease. Not many GPs do. Come to that not many endos do, most seem to be experts on diabetes.

    lotsa luv
    PS I posted this last summer for people hoping Diana would be able to tell it like it is. Many were at work so I put it on YouTube. Diana is a patient advocate and a lovely lady.
    ''If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.'' The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland



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