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Thread: New user needing help

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    New user needing help

    I have been signed off work . Very down crying at a drop of a hat. Shaky ,panicky. I have had this for 16 years and never been like this. I am on 175mcgms of Lethyroxine. Blood text low , but not low enough to up . Another in 6 weeks. I asked to be referred, no one to see was her reply.

    Please help me. Feel like I am going nuts lol


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    Re: New user needing help

    and welcome to the forum.
    So many things for the Dr to cover which possibly they don't cover.
    Fist things first, if you are low thyroid you will get anxiety and depression especially if you have antibodies to your thyroid gland and thyroidglobulin. Have they tested for this?
    Second, depression and lethargy can be iron deficiency, also the stored iron 'ferritin' seems in some way to be required at an optimum level for the liver to convert T4 to T3 (the thing called peripheral conversion).
    You should also be tested for B12 and folate as these cause similar symptoms.

    You could start charting your temperatures as instructed on and fill in his questionairre.

    You may then feel that your adrenals are not working optimally and decide to take an adrenal function saliva test. You can get one of these quite easily but they do cost. If you find you are adrenally fatigued you can try adrenal glandulars to help the adrenals consequence is helping the thyroid hormones work. Or you may have such a low output you may need to rest your adrenals for a while on hydrocortisone. I would suggest you read everything you can on these subjects and you can find labs that do the tests and lots of useful info on
    Lots to tackle there and it is daunting, but one thing at a time hon, we hope you get well. Come back any time with your results and we can see if we can help explain anything you don't understand.

    lotsa luv
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