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Thread: BBC news responds to RCP 's new guidelines....Its not good

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    BBC news responds to RCP 's new guidelines....Its not good They seem to have sided with the RCP's basically copying the RCP's statememt to the dots on the I's

    I have wrote a complaint to the BBC and I urge all of you to do the same!! ... efault.stm
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    Re: BBC news responds to RCP 's new guidelines....Its not good

    Aye I would also encourage people to complain, but I do feel that the BBC has 'allegedly sold out' in some way and doesnt 'appear (allegedly) to give a balanced news report any more. You see so much going on in the world but all the BBC seems to put out is stuff that allegedly could have been written by the people who are pushing for control of the masses. Just my opinion of course (allegedly).

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