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Thread: very high thyroid value- please help

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    very high thyroid value- please help

    And thank you.
    to whomever took the interest to read and reply this..
    MY name is DINESH ,I am 21 years old
    i am in a confused state, the reason is that of my thyroid problem
    I weigh about 227 pounds. So at first I thought that regular exercise and diet can reduce at least 10 pounds per month.

    But I was surprised to see the results after a month that instead of reduction of weight I gained 12 pounds

    I was shocked..

    For all the strain, I put through the results were bad.

    I raised to a conclusion that my metabolism was very much wrong. So approached a near by GENERAL DOCTOR and took his advice for thyroid test.

    The results were something more than I expected.

    The results were followed

    Thyroid fun tests ----- report value ------ normal value

    T3(free) ------ 1.87 pg ----- 2.30 4.2 pg
    T4 (free) ----- 0.46 ng /dl ----- 0.8-2.0 ng / dl
    TSH(3rd generation) ----- 108.593 uIU/ml ---- 0.35-5.5 uIU/ml

    So the doctor advised me to take THYROXINE SODIUM TABLETS NAMED AS THYRONORM(100 mcg)

    on consuming the tablet for 20 days i felt lot of side effects like


    so i went to my family general physician and consulted him and he advised me to take another thyroid test to check out the first one

    so I went in to the RANBAXY thyroid test which was said ti be most accurate here in India.
    The results where

    Thyroid panel by chemiluminescence serum

    Thyroid fun tests ----- report value ----- normal value

    T3 ----- 81.1 ----- 60.0-181.0 ng/dl
    T4 ----- 3.6 Low ------ 4.5-12.6 g/dl
    TSH ----- 60.03 High ------- 0.35-5.5 IU/ml

    My family physician asked me to take only 25mcg of thyronorm on viewing the results

    I am not satisfied of what he says

    Now I am in a confusion of

    *what is the precise tablet should I take?
    *can I continue the exercise?
    *whether the stain I put in the exercise will be benefited?
    *does cabbage and cauliflower real upset thyroid function?
    *does dieting really help thyroid problem salvation?

    I will be very happy to hear the advice of

    ENDOCRINOLOGIST ,Any experts or
    Anyone benefited from the reduction of thyroid of this value-please help

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    Re: very high thyroid value- please help

    Hello Phoenix
    to the forum. I am not a medical professional, I am a fellow sufferer of hypothyroidism.

    *what is the precise tablet should I take
    There is no way to be sure how much of the thyroid hormone anyone should take, you should dose by symptoms. As you take them you should eventually feel your symptoms diminsh. It takes 4-6 weeks for levothyroxine (T4) medications to get into your system properly, by that time if you do not feel well you will need to raise the meds by another 25mg at a time each raise is usually recommended.

    *can I continue the exercise?
    If you feel well enough to exercise and it doesn't give you a post exertional fatigue with lasts more than usual (that of a healthy person) then yes, there should be no reason with an underactive thyroid that you shouldn't do moderate exercise. Don't go mad though, stick within your levels of fitness until you are feeling better and then your body is working well enough if you wish to increase your fitness.

    *whether the stain I put in the exercise will be benefited?
    There is no way of knowing how you are affected by your hypo it affects people in different ways and on different levels, most get higher cholestrol, most get a certain degree of swelling, so you might not see any results until your swelling goes down if indeed you have any. Hopefully you have been caught before any real damage to your organs has been done and the fact you feel fit enough to exercise is a great sign.

    *does cabbage and cauliflower real upset thyroid function?

    They are goitregens in their raw state but cooking is said to remove most of the chemical which causes this. I am not overly familiar with the science but some people with the condition will not touch cabbage on salads or in coleslaw.

    *does dieting really help thyroid problem salvation?

    I don't fully understand this question but losing weight tends to mean you need to take less of the thyroid hormones because it is often dependant on your weight as to how much you need. Plus losing weight and swelling improves other hormone functions like insulin sensitivity.

    You were not on your thyroxine very long and the side effects you mention are also signs and symptoms of the disease itself. I would tend to try it for longer and see if you improve. If not there are other thyroid hormone medications you can try. The sore throat worries me a bit because I get it as part of autoimmune Hashimotos disease, however it could just be that you have a bit of a virus going on which may resolve soon.

    You should also make sure your blood levels of ferritin, B12, Folate and vit D are ok, as a deficiency in the ferritin can stop the conversion of your meds to T3 in the liver, and the others can mimic the signs of hypo ie. fatigue etc and are often low in hypos. Vit D is actually a hormone and found deficient in many hypo people however in India I would imagine with plenty of sunlight you would be ok?

    Take some time out to read up on the thryoid hormone's secretion and action in the body. You would also do well to get tested for Thyroid antibodies, because if you have them you have the autoimmune kind of hypothyroidism which gives other symptoms besides the ones generally outlined for primary hypothyroidism and puts you at risk of developing other autoimmune conditions.

    I hope that helps somewhat.
    I also hope that you feel much better soon.
    take care
    ''If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.'' The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland



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