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Thread: results from my blood test

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    results from my blood test

    Please could someone look at my test results,as I dont have the faintest idea what they mean.I would be grateful for any info,but you will have to explain it all because I have never had any information on the subject.Also I too keep complaining to my doctor that I need my dosage highered,but he refuses and says Im on too much.I have put on 4 stone in 5 years and my diet is good.I have never seen an endo something or other.Do you think I should ask? ok here we go

    Thyroglobulin is undetectable
    TSH<0.05 and T4 is 21.4

    I have had a complete thyroidectomy.
    to any replies.

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    Re: results from my blood test

    Hi caroline, I can understand why your dr wont increase, as the reference range that he goes by would say you were borderline Hyper, however, other doctors would go by symptoms as well, so regardless of the reference range he he would treat you with Thyroxine or other meds until your symptoms were relieved.

    My TSh is less than 0.01 and my TSH is 30, and Im still feeling crap, so I will be having a medication increase very soon..

    I would ask to see an Endocrinologist, as you would like to see a specialist. If your already seeing one, I would seek another one!!

    Keep us updated

    Ric thumbup
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!

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    Re: results from my blood test

    HI CAROLINE1, like Ric said, your GP's hesitation is quite obvious as your results may be thought of as you being Hyper.

    You want to check your FT3 as well as sometimes FT4 is quite okay like in your case but as T4 is not converted to T3 properly hence you keep feeling low and keep gaining weight despite being on correct dose of thyroxine.

    Apart from weight gain, do you have any more symptoms of hypothyroidism or you feeling quite okay as it is at the moment?

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    Re: results from my blood test

    for your help guys,it seems that the Dr was right after all you said. But hey Ive never been given the option of going to see an Endocrinologist so I will ask about making an appointment. As far as being almost hypo, Im not sure. Ive need to be in bed for 10.30 each night and up at 7.30 or I cannot function,I could sleep for longer if I had the chance. I dont have palpitations ,and I have quite dry hair.I work full time and my 8 yr old keeps me busy,I cycle to work each day,only two miles and I do excercise.I Dont eat huge amounts and what I do eat is quite healthy,no chocolate,no biscuits, no crisps etc.So maybe I do definately need to see an Endocrinologist because something isnt quite right. But thankyou again. :

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    Re: results from my blood test

    Hi hon
    You might like to look into associated conditions like candida? low ferritin? B12 and folate deficiency?
    You sound quite active though for hypo, but keep a watch on yourself and take care eh?
    lotsa luv
    ''If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.'' The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland



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