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Thread: Complaining about the new Guidelines

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    Complaining about the new Guidelines

    Hi there
    If you feel that you are not represented by the 'patient organisations' consulted on the new guidelines by the RCP, as I certainly was not as I am not a member and they did not ask any of the organisations I use like TPA-UK, Thyroid or Thyroid who represent thousands of us, nor did they ask the people on this forum.
    There is no medical research establishing Thyroxine as a superior treatment to combination or Armour, in fact there are scientific studies to the contrary.
    Plus I don't think it is good to bully the GPs who trained to assess patients and see them face to face into following these guidelines.
    Apparently the RCP have had a large number of complaints, let us make sure they hear our voice shouting for a better range of treatments for our condition if Thyroxine isn't making us well. Not only will it help us it will help thousands of others.

    You can make your personal feeling known to

    for reading, hope you wll write.

    lotsa luv
    ''If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.'' The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

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    Re: Complaining about the new Guidelines

    thanks Dawn, I m gonna do it right now!!!
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!



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