I asked DR Skinner to ask my GP to prescribe Armour and an increase in my Thyroxine, this was on the 11th Feb, the GP still hasnt recieved the letter from DR S. So I phoned up SR skinner and asked him to re-send the letter. So he has faxed it for me!!

I told him I was taking extra thyroxine he would nt precribe it until he saw the letter but he did give me three months of Thyroxine at 300mcg per day. he didnt seem to care I was on a higher dose, sayiing I was doing it of my own back.. I dont think he even looked at me once during the consultation, it lasted less than 3 minutes, and I think the majority of that was him printing out and signing the prescription....

Oh well, I live in hope...

I'm really considering if he refuses to prescribe Armour coming off it and trying T3 as this is something I haven't yet tried!! And it will most likely be free as the GP will proberly prescribe that!!

Anyways, just alittle update!!

Hope your all well!!