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Thread: MedEx card stolen

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    MedEx card stolen

    My purse got stolen today and in it was my medex card. I'm due to pick up a new prescription of thyroxine this weekend but of course my cards and cash were also stolen too. Does anyone know how you get a replacement Medex? Do I have to go back to doctors?

    In the middle of the school play and teaching full timetable so very very very fatigued My head is really befuddled and muddled. Do you think I should up meds too - 13+ hour days at the mo. I take 150mcg Thyroxine normally.

    Also, my sister who has Addisons as well as a variable thyroid has got Pernicious anemia and says I should get tested too - has anyone else with Hypo got pernicious too??

    - going a bit doolally at the moment x K

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    Re: MedEx card stolen

    Hi Sleepsuit, sorry to hear you have lost your purse, so many repercussions from this, cancelling old cards and getting new ones, all personal details. Sorry I can't help abouth the MedEx card.

    You were asking if anyone else has Pernicious Anaemia, Yes I have PA, diagnosed within a few months of Hashis; also hypoadrenia and Coeliac disease. These are all autoimmune diseases; if you get one AI disease you are prone to develop others though not necessarily so.( theres a long list of about 80 AI diseases all

    Yes, you should definitely get yourself tested for PA as it does seem to run in families, you need serum B12, parietal cell antibodies and Intrinsic Factor antibodies, also folate and ferritin should be tested as the B12 cannot work without good levels of these last two. Being hypo will also bring down your B12 levels anyway, but do not take any supplements before the test as it will skew the results.

    Have you had your own adrenals checked? It seems you are under a lot of stress, and again being hypo will
    put some strain on the adrenals as they try to compensate for slow metabolism, all part of the endocrine system. A good quality vitamin B complex (without B12) might help.

    You could try increasing your thyroxine, do you have other hypo symptoms apart from fatigue? When you
    are sufficiently medicated your symptoms should disappear, but the fatigue could be caused by PA or low functioning adrenals. Do you normally feel well on your 150 mcg Thyroxine?

    I hope this has given you something to think about, and that you have a better day tomorrow.



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