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Thread: treatment for hashimoto???

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    treatment for hashimoto???

    I have half a thyroid (lobe removed nov 08) and recently found out I have hashimotos. Had blood test in December at 4 weeks post op and TSH 4.4, not on any medication.
    Today I have been feeling ok (only a few lapses in energy) but I have days when I feel really weary and dizzy also have episodes of not been able to go to sleep/stay asleep even though I'm shattered etc.
    Have not been back to see my gp but surgeon was happy for me to wait another 12 months befrore I have another blood test to see if I do go hypo according to their reference range which is 6 for tsh (cant remember the lower end) and to continue as I am at present.
    I think I'm reluctant to go back to my GP as I dont know if I have done too much reading and thinking about my thyroid too much and he will think I'm playing on it (though why he should think this I dont really know). Think what I am trying to ask is would someone with diagnosis of hashimoto regardless of having half of it removed expect to start some thyroxine or do they have to wait to go hypo first or have raging symptoms???


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    Re: treatment for hashimoto???

    Well, not sure that I know fully but - I have Hash and have been on levothyroxine since October, I haven't had surgery or any removal. In October my TSH was 67. Prior to that, over the summer, I had been manic - seemingly hyper, but not sure that I was. Obviously I wasn't well. I am now on 100 mcg. An Endo told me that I should aim to have my TSH as low as 0.2. When I went to see her it was 5.5 - my GP had kept me on lower levels, being too cautious- but the magic figure is 0.2, the Endo said. I have felt okayish the last few weeks apart from when it is freezing - all the aymptoms come back, even if I am in bad with the leccy blanket on. I get the shivers, the voice goes hoarse, the brain fog returns. ROLL ON SUMMER! You should make sure you have the right treatment. I am determined now to push for what I want and need - why should we feel ill when a few more micrograms of a drug will make us feel ok? Good luck!

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    Re: treatment for hashimoto???

    Hi Claire,

    You know the deal. If your TSH is higher than 5/5 then you have got to get on thyroxine for sure. There are a lot of people who dont feel well with high TSH like 2+, and like anni said, you should aim for a very low number of TSH, probably less than 1 would do good to you but again some people go on even with bigger numbers like 2.5+.

    Thyroxine doesnt hurt to be can start on your own like 25mcg and see how you feel? If you feel better then keep it or else will simply go away from your system after 8 days

    Keep us updated how you get

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    Re: treatment for hashimoto???

    Where can you get thyroxine? Is it over the counter? I'm here in the US but could buy online if available. .

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    Re: treatment for hashimoto???

    You should get Throxine prescribed by a doctor Joy. Have you been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism Joy?

    to the site Clare, I hope you get the answers you need, these guys are very wise
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!



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