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Thread: a few questions!

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    a few questions!

    Hi there, I've just posted in the new people section and wanted to ask a few things if thats ok

    Um basically got diagnosed Hypo last april, was put on 100mcg Levo, I by accident took 200mcg, felt much better and asked my GP to up my dose. She said no lol. So I've been upping my dose anyway. Now I'm off to a new GP next week and I'm anxious. Very anxious. I'll have to admit to taking 200 mcg and see what he says. I really want to go to Armour, because I really don't feel Levo is working for me. Does anyone here take armour and was it a fight to get it?

    Also I'm completely needle phobic. Writing this is making me sweat. I'm extremely sensitive to pain and my viens are small aswell it doesnt help lol. I've had two blood tests since I was diagnosed and I know the new gp will want me to have a new blood test. I would go as far to say that I would literally deny all medical help to get me away from needles its that bad. I ordered a pin prick thyroid test ( measures your tsh level) from an online company, cambridge health services or something, it was on the website. And I was planning to take the pin prick test get the lab results back and give this to my gp instead of having a blood test ( the pin prick test is still a scary scary thing but its not as bad as a blood test) Do you think he will accpet this? Has anyone else done this?

    Also fertility ( sorry for all the questions lol!) we've been trying for 18months no luck. The nurse at my new gp surgery said we won't be allowed any tests because I'm overweight. and has said its nothing to do with my thryoid. Am I right in thinking it probably is to do with my thyroid? I just feel so ugh about it all, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. I am trying to lose weight really I am but it wont come off. And I just feel I am going to feel this pants forever, not to mention the fact my joints hurt all the time and I'm only in my 20's! And not helping is my husband and the rest of the world who think doctors are always right! everyone xxxx

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    Re: a few questions!

    Hey Tabby to the site!!

    Your GP sounds unprofessional by by not giving you a therapeutic dose of Thyroxine, and that nurse!! she needs shooting for what she said to you!! Your weight problem is likely to be down to your Thyroid! Next time she says something like ask if she went to medical school! If she says NO, say your job is to act on doctos orders no to diagnose me yourself!

    I would definetly seek a second opinion!! How long have you been on Thyroxine? have you had a recent blood test! what is it about the needles that your afraid of? is it the pain? if it is, there is some cream called emla cream which numbs the area before so the needle prick doesnt hurt at all!! where a blind fold if its the sight of the needle!!

    Fertility issues are sometimes sorted when your on the right dose of Thyroxine! But you should be checked out and your weight should nt be judged!!

    One thing I know for sure, is if you want top class treatment with Thyroid disease your gonna have to fight hard for it, they for some crazy reason wont just give it to us!!

    Keep us updated

    Ric thumbup
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!

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    Re: a few questions!

    for replying!

    Lol I know the nurse was an idiot! My mums a nurse and has when she's been visiting ( she lives up north) spoken to the doctor about upping my dose to no avail! My weight problem is definatly my thyroid, I used to walk 4 miles+ a day with my job and having to give that up because of my thyroid has meant I've put on more weight aswell!

    I've been on Levo for 9 months now, I've had two blood tests since being diagnosed. It's a really really horrendous phobia, I have panic attacks, faint, cry like a banshee, my blood pressure drops dramatically, and my veins freeze up. I also feel pain alot more than I should. Not to mention the doctors are so unsympathetic, I had one doctor literally hack at my veins, 6 times in both wrists, 10 times on each arm and finally got blood after 30 mins of this torture, while muttering under her breath! I've tried the emla cream, it doesnt work at all. I'm going to see if I can be prescribed valium for it, or if they will accept me getting these pin prick tests privatley and showing them the results!

    Yes exactly I realise the weight might be an issue but to full out deny me any fertility tests because I'm overweight?! I think I shall ask for a second opinion!

    Is armour better than Levo? I've read alot about it and I'm considering asking for it. xxx



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