Back in 2007 I was dependent on other people to feel able to live life, this was not a healthy thing for me to do, and I realises this... there is a support group out there that helps people who dont feel able to live life independently Its called CODA' 'co-dependency annoymous'..

I've been to a meeting, and have to say I was pleasantly surprised.. Its very helpful and makes you realise you dont need people as much as you think you do!
When my therapy was coming to an end in 2007, I thought the only way I was 'surviving' was because I had the help and support of my Therapist, I soon realised that I had done the hard work, and I could reply on myself.. And like this group its great to know others are in the same boat!!!

Am I Co-Dependent?

You may be wondering: 'Am I Co-Dependent?' 'What is Co-Dependence?' Many of us want precise definitions and diagnostic criteria before we will decide. At CoDA, we respectfully allow psychiatric and psychological professionals to provide these, but what we do offer from our own experience are characteristic attitudes and behaviour patterns that describe what our co-dependent histories have been like.

We believe that recovery begins with an honest self-diagnosis. We came to accept our inability to maintain healthy and nurturing relationships with ourselves and others. We began to recognise that the cause lay in long-standing destructive patterns of living. We have found these patterns to fall into four major categories: denial, low self-esteem, compliance and control. The checklist of patterns and characteristics is offered as a tool to aid in self-evaluation. It may be particularly helpful to newcomers as they begin to understand co-dependence. It may also aid those who have been in recovery for a while to determine what traits still need attention and transformation.

After completing this checklist we suggest that you continue attending CoDA meetings for several weeks. Listen to the similarities and not the differences. Search out members of the fellowship you believe you can trust and discuss your checklist answers with them. If you come to accept that you are, indeed, co-dependent, then you will be ready to begin the Twelve Steps of recovery, and to seek a sponsor to guide you through the process.
I realise not everyone is co dependent, but if any of that strikes home with you, maybe check out the website..

Hope this is helpful to you!!! If you want to talk about it, just PM or Email me!!