I recently upped my Thyroxine up from 250mcg to 300mcg. I was feeling still hypo mainly fatigue a bit of weight gain as well as painfully dry skin and my nails are soooo bendy sometimes I will accidently bend right back and it will hurt alot!

Ive been thinking about seeing my psychologist agoin due to depression juust feeling like Im getting down again.

This is the most meds I have ever been on 300mcg and 4.5 grains of Armour, Im getting worried now as Im on a such a huge dose of hormone. But even though its still early days Im still not feeling as well as I think I should!!

My plan is to see Dr Skinner in march after I save up a bit of cash. Maybe he will shine a light again!!

I need to see my Gp I have never seen this one before as I changed due to my previous GP refusing to prescribe Armour even after him seeing a massive improvement in me!! Im just scared my new GP will reject me like my old one

Hope your all well