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Thread: Hashimoto's

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    Hi everyone! I am especially interested to talk to other's like myself who have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and sub-clinical Thyroiditis. About six years ago I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's when they realised there was something actually wrong. My antibody count went right off the page of the printout, it was in the 300's or so. I had also asked for a bone scan for a bone tumor I had, which probably pointed to my Thyroid also. My medication may be a little different than others as I am living in Japan and I am taking Thyradin-S-50 2x .10mg a day. In order to see the specialist that a friend recommended, he insists that I also take Restas 2mg 2x a day which is a minor tranquilizer. I needed it at the time, as my blood pressure skyrocketed to over 200/something.. when I took myself off SNRI's, (two types at the same time) I was also happily put on Biothree which is good bacteria and Gasmotin which is supposed to keep the bowel moving by adding seretonin to the bowels. . After a few years treatment, I could no longer go to the toilet either way, and my stomach swells up like a balloon. So he gives me laxatives, and the latest one is so mild it didn't work, so I started doing more research as to how to help my own symptoms. He is the only specialist in Thyroid problems in my prefecture who can speak English. My friends tell me to get off all these things and go to a naturopath, but I cannot afford it. But I take asparagus 2x a day, Flaxseed oil 2x a day co-Q10 which has lowered my blood pressure, prunes, and healthier foods. I also started to take a chinese herbal tea for weight loss as I was getting heavier every month, and now I have started to loose weight again. I have a few questions; when you have already taken Thyroxin for some years, can you change over to naturopathic medicine, or is it too late after a certain stage? What is that stage? My throat was all swollen yesterday and I thought I was going to die.. I had a flare up. What are the stages and symptoms of the disease as it progresses, and can anyone explain to me what I can expect to happen as it progresses? I believe I have inherited it from my mother's side, my sister has an enlarged Thyroid but refuses to be treated because of fear of needles.. and she is healthier than I am although five years older. It goes back at least five generations in my family, although I don't think my mother or grandmother were diagnosed with it. I have so much to say, and don't know where to start! Here I am! :d

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    Re: Hashimoto's

    Hi Swollen welcome to the site!

    I havent been diagnosed with Hashimotis just plain old Hypothyroidism. I was just wandering what kind of medicine your on, is it a synthetic replacement or natural replacement?

    Like many the condition gets to a very bad state before being treated! Things just have to change one day.

    Keep us updated, Im sure someone will have a smiliar story to you!!

    Take care

    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!

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    Re: Hashimoto's


    Are you aware that constipation is a classic symptom of hypothyroidism. With the correct treatment of the thyroid this should sort itself out.

    Are you also aware that suffers of hypothyrism are more sensitive to the side effects of anti d's. If you want to frighten yourself have a look at the side effects. Also that AD's can suppress your TSH and give false readings.

    Do your know what your blood tests readings are?

    It doesn't get better as your thyroid is slowly being destroyed. Although you can have a period when the thyroid can kick back into action so you have to be careful that you don't confuse improving because of a change in treatment and a temporary improvement because it jolted back into life.

    If your sister has a swollen thyroid the problem will not go away and she needs treatment. Even though she may appear healthier now what about the future.



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    Re: Hashimoto's

    Hi Swollen,

    for the run down on your condition and treatment. That's the first I'd heard of that brand name thyroid hormone replacement medication. There's no telling how many brand names there are around the world.
    I'm a Hashimoto's patient and both my TPO and TG antibodies were positive, with TG being the highest in my case. Most Hashi's patients have higher elevations of the TPO.
    Ric mentioned his hypothyroidism not being the Hashimoto's-caused however, some research out there is saying that patients without positive antibodies can still have Hashi's but not detected until they get an FNA done (Fine needle Aspiration - biopsy).
    I look forward to your ongoing posts and know we can all learn from eachother here.
    (Avatar pic is of me & wife, 2008)

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