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Thread: Hi all!

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    Hi all!

    Hi all! My name is Lisa, Im 36 and live in West Sussex with my husband of 10 years and our two girls. I was diagnosed as being hypothyroid in October 2006. I went to the doctors on my mum's advice as I thought I was going through the change!! Kept having night sweats, strange hairs growing on my face, weight gain for no reason and problems losing it and terrible periods. My doctor said he wanted to test my thyroid.... I went away and looked up thyroid conditions...I could not believe how many symptoms I actually had and had been experiencing for years...I personally think it started after my eldest daughter was born in 1998. I just knew that I was hypo and in a way I was desperate for the results to come back positive...sounds odd to want something but if it was correct, it would explain so many things that had been going on ...for years. Sure enough, Monday my doctor rang and said I was hypo..but only tsh was 7! Started on a low dose of thyroxine and within days I began to feel so well it was amazing...friends even said I looked really well....alive even! I dread to think how bad I looked before..but I know what they meant...not only did I look well but I felt well. The first time I could hand on heart say I felt really well in several years....the trouble is you just get used to feeling crap and the feelings are so vague and can be put down to other just get on with things.

    I have had several fluctuations since being diagnosed...the longest Ive gone without needing an adjustment is about 8 months. This year though I have had two episodes in quite quick succession and the last one has been particularly bad and has really knocked March my tsh was about 2.33 which is too high for me ( I have to be under 2 to feel 100%...went for another test in October I knew I wasnt right again...this time though Ididnt have the traditional fight with the doctor to get my tablets increased! They called me in to discuss the results...tsh had shot up to 5.5! Im now on 175mcg of thyroxine a day and only now starting to feel completely normal again.

    I hate the way it just knocks me down..I start of feeling a bit low, ratty, moody (you put this down to other things), but it doesnt go away, I become more withdrawn, dont want to see/speak to people, stiffness, body just 'hurts', tiredness, depression and anxiety, feeling totally overwhelmed with things that wouldn't normally worry me. My neighbour suffers thryoid disease too and she described an episode as like falling off a ladder..sometimes you might just slip down a few rungs other times, like this time for me...I fell right off and then you have to start again from scratch....I know its not the worst thing in the world to have but equally it can be so unpleasant and difficult to live with.

    Well thats my story!! Its so nice to be able to talk about it with people who truly understand what it is like.

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    Re: Hi all!

    Lisa, like many of us, you have been on quite a journey!!!

    Lets hope your health goes from stregnth to stregnth!!!!
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!

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    Re: Hi all!

    Hello Lisa and to the forums

    Like Ric said you are not alone in this business. Women tend to suffer slighly more than men due to too many hormonal changes in their bodies. You may be right there that the actual problems started after the first baby was born. The body sometimes cannot seem to recover and produce the amount of hormones needed after the birth hence you started to have some sort of symptoms.

    A lot of people feel well when their TSH is below 2 and like you said, you felt awful when it was about 2.33 You have to take control of your medicine and have to convince your doctor that it's not always the blood results they should be looking at. If your GP is not co-operative, then I would say, find another one.

    TSH fluctuation is quite common so the dosage has to be adjusted. Everyone starts with low dose of thyroxine but once the body has adjusted to it, dosage has to be increased until you feel perfect.

    The good thing is, you seem to have good knowledge of your test results and thyroxine. A lot of people are out there and they are only on mercy of their doctors. They haven't got no clue about the test results or anything at all.

    There is this guy at work who has been on thyroxine for all his life. I asked him did he know what his tests were like last time and he didnt have a clue!

    Anyway hope you feel better. Stay with us and you'll learn a lot more about thyroid as it's not something quite simple and straight forward



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