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Thread: Hi I'm Lynne

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    Hi I'm Lynne

    Hi I'm Lynne, I'm 55 years old and live in Bexhill on Sea. I was only diagnosed with hypothyroidism earlier this year and am still in the process of having my thyroxine adjusted to suit, currently taking 50mcg. I also have heart disease, had a heart attack in Sept 2002 and as a result have chronic refractory angina. The angina is very severe and I had to give up work as a result.

    My sister has hypothyroidism too, she was diagnosed about 20 years ago. As soon as she described her symptoms I was convinced I had it too, but tests over the years have always been 'normal' until now. I understand that in America the normal scale is 0.5-3.0, and as I was never told my figures I guess I was probably around 4 all that time.

    Since starting the thyroxine I have felt some improvement, more energy and even sometimes waking in the morning feeling refreshed, but my last test showed 5 and my doctor decided against any further increase. Its hard for me to know how much of my tiredness, weight gain, depression etc is due to the angina, and how much is due to the thyroid problem. I was appalled to read that the NHS may be increasing the normal level to 10.

    I'm pleased to have found this group and hope to learn more about how to cope with this disease from those of you with more experience of it.


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    Re: Hi I'm Lynne

    Hi Lynne welcome to the site!!

    You have sent a shiver down my spine!! The NHS is thinking about rising the 'normal' TSH level to 10 OMFG, this just confirms, that the NHS doesnt give a toss about us!!!! Im mad angry now!!!!!!!!!

    Chorony problems can be caused by Thyroid problems, raising your cholesteral etc. There is links to CCF

    Is your GP saying that your TSH is 5? If it is, I would be concerned!

    Does anyone have a source to the NHS upping the Range for your TSH????

    Anyways, its great to have you on board, we hope to see more of you!!
    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!

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    Re: Hi I'm Lynne

    Hi Lynne and welcome to the forums

    If your family has a history of thyroid problems then it is very likely that you may be suffering from it as well. It's always wise to have your test results so you can compare them in the future. A lot of GPs and doctor do not hand over the results unless you ask specifically for it.

    Though BTF as set a range of TSH from 0.4-4.5, a lot of people suffer hypothyroidism when their TSH goes above 2. A few people may be lucky to have a TSH of upto 4.5 and fully healthy.

    You should discuss this issue in detail with yout GP and ask him to raise your dosage until you feel better. You should always go with your symptoms first and then the test results. If you feel better, then what's the point of having test results anyway?

    My GP referred me to an Endo and he is a very nice guy, who listens and would prescribe the medicine as long as you make sense to him. I was only 150mcg and now I take 200mcg even though my blood tests were normal. I am sure I wouldn't have any problem convincing him to raise my dose to 200mcg from next month.

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