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Thread: Does Hyperthyroid give you a sore throat

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    Does Hyperthyroid give you a sore throat

    I was just wondering if Hyper thyroid gives you a sore throat? I seem to be loosing weight and I dont understand why if Iam hypothyroid, the last week or so Ive had a sore throat and been sweating alot more and Ihave definatley lost weight..

    Just wondered what you guys thought x

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    Re: Does Hyperthyroid give you a sore throat

    Not sure, MM - the thyroid uitself is under attack if you have Hashimoto's so that can lead to the voice being hoarse and some pain in the throat - is that what you mean by a sore throat? Yes - weight loss can be hyper but you are in a stressful situation and so might be losing weight because of that - are you eating? it depends on how much you have lost. If you are concernef you should go see the doc. Has your medication been increased? As the body becomes quicker you mau start sweating more, or the increased medication can make you sweat. Also, inthis weather we tebnd to go from being frozen then into very hot rooms ab=nd this can cause you to perspire. - i think if the amounts in weight loss, perspiration etc. are significant you need to go see the doc.
    Hope you have a good day, Anni

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    Re: Does Hyperthyroid give you a sore throat

    I used to get sore throat all the time when I was hyper just before my RAI therapy. If I drank coke, the next day, I would have sore throat so couldnt drink anything at all apart from water at room temperature.

    The test results though showed I was within limits but the symptoms I had, were all of hyper and had a terrible itching on my calves and upper back all the time.

    Don't really get soare throat now until I get a flu but I am Hypo now

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    Re: Does Hyperthyroid give you a sore throat


    This is all ive done different :

    I have cheated on celiac diet, last night I ate some bread and this morning had massive bowel movement but not dioreah..

    I did drink coffee yesterday due to be so tiered had to wake up a bit. Ive been eating wrong stuff like chocolate and biscuits where fed up with it all aswell..

    So I dont know if ive gone hyper or maybe iam celiac and its causing weight loss or something..

    I feel like i have a constant hazy headache, sore throat, sweating and my neck is very tight where i have that spasm thing..god I am sick of it all!!



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