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Thread: so pleased to join the forum!

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    so pleased to join the forum!

    Hello everyone,

    I'm 60 years old (well on the 18th!) and looking back think I have been suffering with hypothyroidism since my teens. I was actually diagnosed when I was 40 when I had reached a really bad low, given up work thinking that I was suffering from stress (single mum, 4 teenage children and working long hours) my periods were all over the place, constantly tired and falling asleep at my desk etc.... you get the picture.

    Well, my health improved and I had a son a year later, when he was three I married his dad and we went to live in Spain where in my opinion I was always treated better medically than here. The doctor there sent me to an endocrinologist who sent me for tests, cant remember now what they were but I remember being injected with something and x rayed at intervals. I was diagnosed as having Hashimoto's and continued with the thyroxine.

    I had severe depression in Spain and regularly saw a psychiatrist until I felt that I HAD to try to overcome my difficulties and get on with life! (as advised by my GP) It wasn't easy coming off the medications that I had but I did. I was also diagnosed as having gallstones, kidney stones and ovarian cysts all in the same year! I fell ill yet again with depression and decided to return to England.

    All went well for a year 2003 until I fell ill with a really bad depression, anxiety and every kind of phobia imaginable! I was once again seeing a psychiatrist, taking venlafaxine, and antipsychotic drugs which in turn gave me blood pressure and 2 more drugs. This year in August I had a particularly bad episode with my back and also had biliary colic, I was taking so many tablets that one day I just kept passing out and being sick. I decided that it all had to stop. I was getting more ill as time went by.

    In the last month or so I have had really peculiar mood swings and decided to look up bi polar on the web and there I saw a link to hashimoto's. I couldn't believe that there were so many symptoms of hashi's. I feel relieved that a lot of my being unwell is possibly hormonal or antibody attack. My GP here in England doesn't know about the tests I had in Spain, I never thought it important enough to tell him. I have the blood test once a year and it is 'normal'. After all I have read, I am beginning to question what 'normal' is! I suppose I had better tell him.

    I joined the forum so that I could read of other people's experiences of this nasty condition.

    Anyway, it is nice to meet you all,

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    Re: so pleased to join the forum!

    HI suzilu and welcome to the forums

    I am very sorry to hear and read your post that you have been suffering for such a long period. You must be a very strong person as you have 4 kids and a hubby to deal with. Reading through your conditions and the time period you have suffered, it just scares me. I am only 30 and have been having bad issues since last two years and I always get upset that the time of my life is being wasted on treating myself and I am not really enjoying life anymore.

    There are so many forums, articles, websites and advise available on the internet now a days, I just wonder how it was like 20 years back when there was nothing?

    I bet, old days were hard and even now, information and tests are so widely available, it doesnt make life any easier for us

    I am sure a lot of doctors will just tell you that this could be age related this. They tell me now, that because I am getting old, hence some of the symptoms are age related my dear God....when they dont have any answer, they come out with these silly solutions.

    Don't blame GPs, they are absolutely useless in the UK. I havent got a clue, how on earth they get the degrees, open the clinics and are allowed to treat patients. All they capable of is treating someone with Flu and headache...that's about it.

    Depression, anxiety, periods, libido, hair loss, mood swings, agitation, aches, dryness, itchiness, palpitations...the list can go forever if thyroid is the basic problem. You have to find the right doctor if you want to be treated properly and get back to your life.

    There a few members here who have a lot of experience and understanding of thyroid and related conditions and I am sure, they will be able to give you some advise.

    In the meantime, please do not be shy of posting and sharing any information and experience you had, as this would definitely help other members who are in the same situations as you were 20 years back.

    Hope you feel better in these days as Christmas is not far away and the last thing you want to be is sick on this nice occasion

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    Re: so pleased to join the forum!


    We are glad you joined, the more poeple aware of their disease, the better!!

    I'm not an expert. I'm here to share my Thyroid journey and tell you all my experience of Thyroid disease.
    If you want to chat, please dont hesitate to contact me, I will help where I can!!



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