You are only eligible for free prescription, if you suffer from Hypothyroidism (Or a few other illnesses). When it comes to Hyperthyroidism, unfortunately, prescriptions are not free. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from Overactive thyroid or other condition which do not let them get free prescriptions, you can use these pre-payment certificates.

People who have to pay for more than 3 prescription items in 3 months, or 14 items in 12 months, could save money by buying a PPC. From 1 April 2008, the charge for a single prescription item is 7.10, whereas a 3-month PPC will cost you 27.85 and a 12-month PPC 102.50. The most convenient way to pay for your 12 month PPC is by Direct Debit meaning you can spread the yearly cost over 10 monthly instalments.

Once your Direct Debit is set up, we will send you an advance notice showing the amount we will debit from your bank account each month. We will then collect that amount without you having to do a thing.

The Authority's PPC Issue Office is responsible for issuing PPCs to people resident in England only, on behalf of the Department of Health.
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