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Thread: Melanie Here :)

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    Melanie Here :)

    My name is Melanie and I have had an overactive thyroid on and off since 1992. I have just had my 4th relapse (i am 39) and my consultant wants me to have radio iodine therapy. I really dont want to have this as i have twin girls aged 12 years. I dont know anything about this and wondered if anyone could
    put my mind at ease


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    Re: New members, say HELLO here!!!

    Hello Melanie and welcome to the forums

    You are not alone in this situation. I had exactly the same problem but my thyroid was slightly overactive for more than 6 years. The only issues I had were palpitation and sometimes anxiety.

    I made a mistake to go to the doctor who was totally incompetent and he messed everything up. I have done my radioactive Iodine therapy last year and now if you ask me "Was it the right choice?" I would simply say NO.

    This could be well be because with RAI, sometimes whole of the thyroid is destroyed and it creates quite stressful situation for the body arising a lot of other complications. I am still not full recovered after one year of therapy and to be honest, dont see myself fully recovered in the near future either.

    Please please do your research. Ask a lot of people around who had similar situation, go through everything before you make your mind up. One thing I can tell you definitely, your life is never going to be the same again!!! Well mine isn't By no means I want to scare you but do your homework before jumping into anything like that

    One thing I would like to ask, why would you want to consider RAI now when it's been going on for a while now?

    I am gonna split this topic and create a new topic of your own so other members can share their experience and knowledge as well.



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